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Why should you trust foodenomad?  

Find out why here.

Our tailor-made itinerary service is ideal for those who want to take care of the basic elements of their getaway while giving them the flexibility to adjust certain elements themselves.


An unforgettable itinerary created through our expertise and the experience of our personal visits to recommended sites. Here's what you can expect in choosing the Custom Route service.

You will benefit from the same services as the Travel Coaching option (travel objectives, proposed itinerary, lodging, meals, logistics), as well as the following additional services:  

  • FOODIE EXPERIENCES: We will book a daily wine or gastronomic experience.


  • MEALS: We will arrange for you to confirm a restaurant reservation daily. We will also add recommendations for restaurants in each region visited for lunch or dinner), or simply a list of cafes, "gelateria" or wine bar worthy of mention.


  • LOGISTICS+: We will create and send you a Tailored Itinerary (also sent in digital format), including your detailed daily itinerary, all contact details and booking confirmations for your hotels, guides, and private drivers, train tickets and any other ticket (Vatican Museums, others) previously purchased by Foodenomad for you. Also included in this itinerary, you will find all the information necessary for the smooth running of your trip. Before your departure, we will organize a phone call or a videochat to review with you each step of your personalized itinerary to make sure you do not forget any details.

  • CHECKLIST: We will send you the Foodenomad Digital TravelBook a few weeks before your departure with the necessary information to answer all your queries regarding baggage preparation, technologies, travel insurance, local driving code, safety instructions, GPS coordinates of the journey, some key words or phrases in the local language and tips for tips. We'll send you a Google Maps file that will include all your destinations, places to stay, restaurants, experience sites and points of interest.

Tailored Itinerary

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