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Find the plan that's right for you.


Planning your own itinerary but overwhelmed with information?
Looking for the perfect trip but don't know where to start?
Don't like the inconvenience of group travel?

Don't have time to organize your trip?


Plan your trip on your own with judicious advices from our experts.

plan from $60
  • ​Initial interview to reveal your personal interests/needs/goals

  • Up to 7 days of unlimited email coaching

  • Solid itinerary with points of interests and foodie activities

  • We answer all your questions, provide solid advice, local tips and travel recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, wine tour/tasting, culinary experiences, and regional transfers​

  • Does not include the booking  and extra services provided with the GUIDE and VISA Plan.


We create for you an itinerary  tailored to your needs.

$100 per travel day
  • Initial interview to reveal your personal interests/needs/goals

  • Pairing with a foodie travel expert

  • Unlimited email / chat with your travel expert 

  • Recommendations for all accommodation and transportation 

  • Foodie activities and tour recommendations

  • Links to book all recommended accommodations, transport and activities

  • Tailored daily itinerary (up to 2 revisions)

    for the tailored itinerary

  • Includes up to 4 travelers

  • Travel plan delivery in 10 days


Our signature service where  everything is taken care of for you.

$200 per travel day
  • Initial interview to reveal your personal interests/needs/goals

  • Pairing with a foodie travel concierge

  • Unlimited email / chat with your foodie travel concierge

  • Booking of all accommodation and transportation 

  • Booking of all foodie activities  (tours, tasting, culinary experiences)​ 

  • Restaurants reservations

  • Tailored day-to-day itinerary with daily alternatives

  • Last minute itinerary changes

  • Digital Concierge​+ (In destination support)

  • Digital TravelBook 

  • Includes up to 4 travelers

  • Travel plan delivery in 10 days

All of our services begin with a free consultation to discuss your needs and expectations;  After the meeting, you can select a coaching or planning service. We'll then start working with you to create a tailored itinerary, provide recommendations or simply answer your questions.

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* Applicable taxes are extra. On-demand coaching sessions can be added at an hourly rate. The rates for the Unlimited Coaching Plans apply for a defined number of days only. Additional days are billed at an hourly rate. The GUIDE and VISA travel planning service fee applies for each day of travel planned for 2 travelers by one of our experts. Various add-on and tailored services can be added on to any of our travel coaching or planning services. Pricing varies depending on needs and will be discussed during the initial planning interview.

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