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Travel Coaching

Our travel coaching service is specifically for travelers who enjoy planning and making reservations for their trip, but are confused about the choices available to them after consulting travel guides and sites. specialized online.
They are not looking for a turnkey service, but simply smart personalized recommendations that they can use later. Here is what you can expect if you use our travel coaching service:

It is important to note that coaching is done entirely by e-mail exchange over a period of 7 days. All coaching sessions are led by the two founders of Foodenomad, and you will have the opportunity to chat with them during the one-hour coaching session, by phone or videoconference, and dedicated to sharing recommendations. which are included in the following list:​

  • TRAVEL OBJECTIVES: First step is for us to learn more about you and your travel partner (s). For this purpose, in anticipation of a first verbal exchange, we will send you our pre-session survey. We will then seek to discover your interests and goals for this trip, the average age as well as the general health and energy level of the group. We will establish your level of knowledge of the destination identified, as well as the places you have already visited. We want to know what will make this getaway perfect for you, and the image you have of a perfect day during your stay - how to make this dream come true for you!

  • PROPOSED ITINERARY STRUCTURE: Then, we will prepare a structure of the proposed itinerary, which will include all the elements that you have communicated to us, as well as several suggestions according to your tastes. As you read this suggested itinerary, your immediate response may be "It's perfect, let's go! ". Or maybe you want to discuss all of this with us, to adjust certain elements, or simply to consider an alternative route. At the conclusion of this phase, we will have identified together the outline of the itinerary, the length of stay for each stage, and the means of transport between each of them.

  • LODGING: We will then start sharing hosting recommendations based on your preferences and your budget. It is very important for us to properly identify and understand your accommodation preferences - do you like luxury hotels, coffee-quilts, boutique hotels or private villas? Do you want on-site services, a concierge, a restaurant, a spa or a pool? Would you like a room with a view? We will only send you recommendations based on availability according to your travel dates. So at this point, the plane tickets must have been bought. (For now, FoodeNomad does not take care of booking tickets, but we will offer you the best alternatives and offers from airlines).

  • FOODIE EXPERIENCES: We will then send you a list of vineyards and restaurants where you can book wine experiences (tours and tastings) and fine dining.

  • LOGISTIC: We will exchange later on your logistical needs in relation to travel between the different places visited and will inform you about the ideal means of transport between each place visited. We will explain with whom and how to book, whether for a rental car, a train ticket or for a private driver.

  • MEALS: We will then linger over the meals, since we will recommend a list of restaurants for lunch and dinner for each region visited. We will also add recommendations for coffees, "gelateria" or wine bar worthy of mention.

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