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Why Foodenomad?

Foodenomad's founders have been busy discovering hidden gems throughout Europe and America since 1985. Although they have already crossed the age of 50, an assiduous diet based on the best foods and local wines, allows them to be more active than ever and continue their quest for the best places.

Our team of route designers are true enthusiasts and their expertise is to turn your dream into reality. They visited more than 1000 award-winning wineries, starred restaurants and boutique hotels to develop a network of carefully selected destinations

Experienced travelers and sought-after travel consultants, our expert reviews of the exclusive destinations visited, are awarded by more than 100,000 readers on various networks and social media.

Over the years, we have built strong and close relationships with a network of the best experts, guides and hosts in each of the regions served. Whether in France, Italy or California, you will always benefit from our support and that of our network.

Simply because we love traveling and discovering new cultures through local terroir and admiring landscapes of such beauty. We simply want to share with you this passion for good food, great wines and breathtaking landscapes.

Our experts and collaborators represent an exceptional and diverse group: caring hosts, thought-provoking readers and seasoned communicators. Coming from different horizons and cultures, the only document more complete than their CV is their passport!

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